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<font face="Arial,Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"><a href=""><b>Beer</b></a> -The beer in Austria is inseparable connected with Austrian culture and the Austrian way of life. We have collected the most important Austrian beers on this website. Refresh your memories from your latest Austria visit, or just experience a new beer taste from the heart of Europe.</Font>

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 Beer on the Wall - Offers a fantastic selection of Beer Gifts, a tasty Beer of the Month Club, unique Private Label Beers that you create yourself, and a great selection of West Coast Microbrews in their online beer shop.

White Beer Travels - This is yours truly, John White's "White Beer Travels" website, which is dedicated jointly to "The Beer Hunter", "The Maven of Malt", Michael Jackson (1942-) and Belgian Pierre Celis (1925-), the King of Belgian White/Wheat Beer. Michael's classic books got John into drinking and loving Speciality/Craft Beer, and made him aware that there were wonderful characters involved in the production of these beers, such as Pierre Celis.

 Eagle Beer - On-line promotion, internet marketing and consultancy services.

Beer Pages - it's all about beer!

Instructions for how to make a kegerator. Or, if that's too much trouble, you can buy a kegerator pre-made.

 Pint Pleasures: A Beer Page - A Seattleite's biweekly review of pubs and beer in the UK. Pub talk, musings, and beer-inspired ravings, with archived columns from Seattle and California.

Hungarian Beer Site

Beer Today

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