Brauhaus Beer Weitra

since 1321
alc. 5,1% vol.

The official name of this beer is "Weitraer Brauhaus Bier".

Brauhaus Beer is brewed in Austrias oldest beer brewing town Weitra. The first document about beer brewing in Austria was found in the little town of Weitra, which is located in the north of Lower Austria, directly next to the Czech border.

Brauhaus Beer is the brewing product of the little private brewery of a restaurant in the centre of Weitra.

To make a long story short: the beer is just fantastic. Simply wonderful, and I can't find the right words to describe such an incredible beer experience which this beer brought to me and my soul.

Brauhaus Beer has such a divine flavour of tasteful beer wort. It tasted even better than the holy Zipfer Beer, and this means something. I just cannot find the right words for such a beer. It's just a gift from god. One of the best beers in my life.

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