Edelweiss Beer

Edelweiss Beer Weissbier Hefetrüb is naturally cloudy, with a distinctive fruitiness and a light banana-nose. Refreshingly sparkling, this wheat-beer impresses by spicy flavours on the palate.

Edelweiss Beer is brewed in Kaltenhausen, a small, idyllic village at the foot of the Untersberg, located in the middle of the Alps, not far from Salzburg in Austria. It is here that in 1475, the  "Kalte Bräuhaus" was founded by the Salzburg mayor and judge, Johann Elsenhaimer.
Following Elsenhaimer’s death in 1498, the brewery became the property of the court chamber of the prince archbishop of Salzburg for the next three centuries, before being purchased by the Electress Marie Leopoldine.

In 1898, the Deutsche Bank bought the flourishing company, turning it into “Aktiengesellschaft Brauerei Kaltenhausen” in 1901. In 1921, Hofbräu Kaltenhausen became one of the founding firms in the former BRAU AG (today BRAU UNION ÖSTERREICH AG). In other words, the brewery can look back on over 500 years of brewing tradition!

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