Gösser Dark Beer Stiftsbräu

since 1860
alc. 4,5% vol.

I received a lot of e-mails from my readers to include the dark version of Gösser beer at austrianbeer.co.uk. The only problem was that this kind of beer is really hard to get if you are not living directly next to the brewery. Some days I ago I have seen it during a supermarket opening in the central area of Austrias federal state "Upper Austria". Only a few bottles were in the beer shelf. Of course no second was wasted and I took one bottle.

The expectations were quite high. But what should I say? I was not disappointed! Gösser dark beer "Stiftsbräu" is a fabulous beer with a great taste. The fact that it's very hard to get makes it even more better. Who knows when I am going to have my next glass of Dark Gösser? This thought was always on my mind when I took a gulp of this beer.

The first gulp was very light and refreshing and had a pleasant acerbity with a slight flavour of hops. After the first gulp I was able to discover the full flavour. An inexpressible great taste overpowered me and lifted me up on cloud nine. There was an absolutely mild and palatable character. A long finish delighted with a strong taste of malt.

Gösser Dark Beer Stiftsbräu is a wonderful beer indeed. A pitty it's so hard to get.

Martin on the 25th November 2011:
FYI - I found this at Merkur Market in Klagenfurt. It is quite good - the best of the dark beers I've found in Carinthia. I'm not sure if it replaces or just makes me miss the beer of Portland, OR.
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