Gösser Zwickl

alc. 5,2% vol.

Zwickl Beer is not clarified or pasteurised, and contains more of its original brewing yeast, as well as vitamins, held in suspension.

This beer is the Zwickl from Gösser. Gösser is one of the biggest and most successful beer labels in Austria. So it was clear I had to give it a try.

After I have opened the bottle I could experience a very fresh, worty and hoppy aroma in my nose. The first gulp was very light to me. I really could not recognize the alcohol. It was like I am drinking a dreggy apple juice. There is not much carbonic acid, which is typical for Zwickl beers. The finish is unspectacular and harmonic. 

Gösser Zwickl is very palatable, but the beer wort is missing in the finish. But that's the only negative point for me. My 0,5l was soon empty, so I was very happy about it. I really recommend it without any bad conscience.

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