Grieskirchner Export Dunkel

since 1569

alc. 5,0% vol.

The brewery in Grieskirchen was mentioned the first time in a document in 1569. In that time Grieskirchen was located directly on the border to Bavaria.

The Grieskirchner Brewery describes this beer as full flavoured and worty. It's brewed out of dark malt, with a lot of love, and the knowledge of a long tradition. That sounds pretty good, but how was my experience?

I would describe Grieskirchner Export Dunkel as slightly worty. Very understated in the first gulp, and also the finish was rather inconspicuous. There was no flavour blast for me. That's why I would label the Grieskirchner Export Dunkel as quite nice, but not more. An average dark beer.

If I would be mean, I would say ... "herb water", but I am not that mean. Like I said, it's quite nice, but really nothing special.