Hubertus Beer

since 1454
alc. 5,1 % vol

Hubertus Beer is brewed since 1454 in Lower Austrias 6.000 inhabitant town of "Laa an der Thaya", in the North Eastern part of Austria, close to the borders of Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Hubertus Beer was a very succesful brewery until the end of the first world war. In 1918 the Austrian Empire lost the war and all of its crown lands, and the brewery turned from the centre of the Empire to a brewery of an isolated town, directly next to the border. Because of that Hubertus Beer lost all its sales markets in the east and the north.

But one thing stayed the same: the excellent quality. Hubertus Beer received the gold medal of the Monde Selection International already four times.

After I have tried Hubertus Beer the first time of my life I can only confirm the wonderful taste. The beer foams little indeed, but the flavour is hoppy and refreshing, as well as pleasant bitter and full flavoured. Everything a good beer needs. It runs gentle down the throat. I would say one of the best beers of Austria.

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