Aldaris Beer

since 1865

alc. 5,0% vol.

I have got this Aldaris beer bottle from my last Latvia holiday. The space in my travel bag was limited. The choice in Latvia was immense. But I liked the appearance of Aldaris in the shelf, and that was the reason this beer got the honour to be tried and presented here in this website.

It seems Aldaris is a very popular beer in Latvia. Many restaurants have an Aldaris advertising on the outside of their buildings.

I open the bottle and notice a slight sweet smell. That's already interesting. The pour into the glass offers a proper formation of suds. I like that, because I believe a good beer should have some foam.

We are talking about the Aldaris Gaisais Alus in the elgegant 0,5l bottle from the Latvian capital Riga.

The first gulp is light without much volume. There is a small character of hops in the finish. There is not much of a bitter taste. It's nice to drink. I can't complain.

I would label Aldaris as not a great but a good beer. It's also very refreshing and a good thirst quencher on a hot summer day. 

I am not disappointed. I am happy I was allowed to try it ...

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