Amstel Beer Lager

Amstel Beer is brewed and bottled by Amstel Brouwerij in Amsterdam/Netherlands and has an alcohol content of 5% vol. Amstel Beer has a pleasant flavour. There is a mild bitter taste after the gulp. A good beer, but not more.

Jenny Lund on the 3rd November 2011:
One issue though - I bought the 6 pack and I had a couple , but just as I was about to put the remainder in the fridge - they all toppled out - To be precise 2 toppled out!! One left a huge puddle (well relative to the bottle - not so huge!!) Nevertheless I wasted a whole bottle!  The other one fizzed but didnt leak everywhere!! But I think when I drink it it will be FLAT!!
My comment would be - WHY do 6 pack of beer INSIST on using these containers - once you have taken a couple of them out - they do NOT stay together!! Infact the BEST beer as far as 6 packs are concerned woutd be the CROWN lager I have tried!!
Just thought I would let you know - because from now on I think I will ONLY buy beer on the container used.
When you have such a big company - why cant you get the packaging better? Is it really too expensive?
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