Asahi Beer from Japan

alc. 5% vol.

Finally I came to my first Japanese beer. I could not miss that opportunity when I saw the Asahi Beer in the shelf, somewhere in the east of Europe. I had some doubts because of the nuclear reactor accident in Japan and their contaminated water. But still I could not resist. The curiosity was too big. 

The beer is called "Asahi Premium Lager Super Dry". On the bottle I could read the information that it should be Japans number one beer.

To make it short: Asahi is not a good beer.

When I have opened the bottle I missed the smell. When I poured it into the glass there was no real foam. And when I tasted it ... there was ... not really a taste. At least no taste I would desire. The taste after the gulps were very dry, yes, at least that promise was complied. 

Asahi Beer was not an enjoyment for me. It was not that disgusting I had to vomit, but I would classify it as low average. If you haven't tried it yet, you haven't missed anything.

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