Corona Beer

alc. 4,6% vol.

Corona comes from Mexico and is the most sold beer there. The first smell of Corona is quite infatuating, but the disappointment follows swiftly. My first gulp tastes quite bitter and herb without any kind of refreshment. The finish is even worser: herb, dry, inconspicuous and boring. My conclusion: I don't understand Mexican beer drinkers.

Jose Manuel says on the 17th November 2010:
I found your site when looking for comments about the Hacker Pschorr, and clicked on the link about the Corona to read your opinion. You mention you don't understand mexican beer drinkers, but let me tell you most mexican beer drinkers DON'T DRINK CORONA. It is the international market where Corona makes most of its profit.

As mexicans, we prefer more decent things. You should try Victoria or Montejo for a refreshing one or Negra Modelo if you like it darker (nothing too exciting but way better than Corona). Also there's a good supply of handcrafted beers such as Tempus (my personal favorite), Cucapá and Minerva that you definitely have to try.

I do agree Corona is a boring beer, I just dislike you relating it to mexican beer drinkers.

Thank you for all those comments about beers to try, hope you keep adding more to the list.

Muchas Gracias
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