Maredsous Beer

alc. 8% vol.

I have found this beer from Belgium known as Maredsous Abbaye-Abdij Brune Bruin in a supermarket with a very tasteful beer assortment. Of course I had just one thing in my mind: grab it!

There was not much of a smell when I have opened the bottle. But later I should taste the full aroma in its full shape. The fortmation of suds was enormous as well, and shouldn't be criticized here.

The first gulp was very fruity. Some seconds later I have experienced intensive roast and malt characteristics. There was also a proper share of carbonic acid and of course it was not possible to miss the alcohol content of 8% vol.

I would say this Maredsous is a magnificent beer with an intensiv aroma. It seems those strong beers are typical for Belgium.

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