Mitava Beer

since 2008
alc. 5% vol.

I got that Mitva Beer from my latest Latvia holiday in April 2012. It was sold in a big supermarket in the centre of the town called "Daugavpils". The full name of this is "Mitava Gaisais Alus" and there is an elk head on the label.

When I have opened the bottle and smelled with my nose on the bottle opening, I was able to experience a cosy hop smell. The first gulp was combinated with a proper beer wort. But still the beer was mild. I would not label Mitava Beer as bitter or herb. If I would be a negative person, I would think about writing about a slight aqueous experience, but I as I like Latvia too much, I do not even think about it to write something like that. :)

Conclusion: Mitava is a pretty nice beer, but not more. The good thing about it? Nobody has to fear it could be a digusting experience. So well done you beer brewers from Latvia!

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