Zelta Beer Black

alc. 4,2% vol.

Zelta is another beer from Latvia. When I entered a supernarket in the Latvian town of Daugavpils, I found a range of several Zelta beers in the shelf, and chose the "ZELTA BLACK".

The crown cork of the bottle has an easy opener. Just put the finger inside and pull away. The bottle is open.

When I have opened the bottle the smell was noncommittal. The same for the foam building. There was not much foam when I poured the beer into my glass.

And now to the most important experience. The taste. I would say, Zelta is rather a great beer. Refreshing herb, palatable, and you can notice the malt. My 0,5l glass was soon empty, and this is a sign I enjoyed it a lot. 

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