Kaiser Beer Bottle

Kaiser Beer in the bottle is bitter beer with a golden yellow colour. Its brewed in the Upper Austrian capital Linz.


Kelly Leach wrote on the 14th July 2009:

Hello my good time beer makers!

I just wanted to drop by and let ya'll know that I tried your beer last weekend and thought it had an amazing taste. I bought it from the LCBO in Canada. Here is a link in case you are not too sure what the LCBO is. http://www.lcbo.com/aboutlcbo/index.shtmlI'm an American living in Canada and I always shop at the LCBO for different types of beer. I found Kaiser there and wanted to try it.

The taste has a light but bold flavor. Clean and crisp. The blonde color is as attractive as the taste. Keep them coming - Kaiser is one of my all-time favorites now. It for sure made my top 3 list! 

Thanks again,

Kelly - Yank in Canada
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