Piestinger Beer

since 1841
alc. 5,0% vol.

I bought Piestinger Lager Beer in a little Lower Austrian supermarket, close to Austrias capital of Vienna. The beer originally comes from Carinthias second biggest city Villach.

Piestinger is not easy to get. I remember even in my last Carinthia holiday close to the city of Villach, I was not able to find this beer anywhere.

Quite mysterious, but after my first gulps I knew why this beer is not so widespread. The reason can be found in the taste of the beer. Not spectacular, and even a bit disappointing in some moments.

In my first gulp I was able to experience an average character. Nothing special. The taste after the gulp turned into a worser experience. Piestinger Lager Beer is very bitter. Even worser that I could not find a bit of beer wort. So being just bitter without a pleasant taste is not enough to be called "a good beer".

This might be the reason Piestinger is not easy to find in restaurants and supermarkets. Just my suspicion. Don't think I will drink this beer again, if I should find it somewhere.

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