Schlägl Bio Roggen

alc. 4,9% vol.

Schlägl Bio Roggen comes from Austrias only abbey brewery in the north of Austria, close to the Czech border.

The organic rye beer is slightly sweet in the nose, as all the other beers from Schlägl. Unfortunately the foam collapses quite soon, and so I was not able to shoot a proper photo of the beer in the glass. When the beer was in the glass, I smelled kind of a metallic scent. There was a fruity first gulp, but a dry finish. There is a high content of carbonic acid. 

Schlägl Bio Roggen Organic Rye Beer is not fantastic, but I wouldn't label it as a disaster either. But I have to confess I wouldn't risk a physical fight for it. Schremser Rye Beer tastes some classes better than this one.

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