Schremser Hemp Beer

alc. 5,1% vol.

I found the Schremser Hemp Beer bottle by accident in a delicacy shop in the Austrian town of Wels. I already knew the private brewery from Schrems since a long time, as I am a passionate holiday guest in the Lower Austrian region Waldviertel, but I never heard about that beer before. Reason enough to give it a try.

On the beer label I read that already the beer brewer in the middle ages used hemp for their beers. The hemp plant is botanical related to the hops, and is able to cause a beer a very unique character. So I was quite curious about it. How did it taste?

When I have opened the bottle, the full aroma was undoubtedly here. That was great! When I poured the beer from the bottle into the glass, I noticed a weak formation of suds. The first gulp was refreshing, afterwards I could taste a slight bitter character. That was all. The beer is not bad. I would say, good average. Don't expect too much of it.