Trumer Diamond Beer

since 2008
alc. 6,5% vol.

Trumer Diamond Beer is a special and unique beer creation of the Trumer brewery from Salzburg.

The beer in the 0,75l bottle is presented as a high quality product for the special moments in life, and sold for 15 Euro in their online shop. Trumer Diamond Beer has a long shelf life of 7 years, and should be enjoyed in certain glasses. The typical and traditional beer glass is not qualified for such kind of barley juice.

On the bottle Trumer promises an exotic smell of bananas, melon, and ananas, intimately involved in a character of nuts and pines flavour. Even vanilla and herbs nuances should be noticeable.

I was quite in suspense when I took my first gulp from Trumer Diamond Beer. My first impression was a taste of the traditional Austrian alcoholic apple juice "Most" (apple cider). The beer is sparkling and foams quite moderate. I was missing the typical beer wort.

At the end I would rate Trumer Diamond Beer a mix of cider, sparkling wine and of course a little bit of a beer. It was promised before that Trumer Diamond Beer is "not the typical beer". So I knew that before. But the thing is that it's just "too little beer in the beer". I don't believe, and also other fellows who tried the beer agreed, that this beer is something for the passionate beer lover. Maybe it can be something for special events and celebrations to replace the sparkling wine, but it's not possible to replace the real beer.

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