Zipfer Urtyp

since 1858

alc. 5,4% vol.

Zipfer Urtyp is a unique beer. At least in Austria. Why? Zipfer Urtyp is the only beer which is brewed with natural hops. Is it possible to taste the difference between natural hops and hops extract? In any case! 

Already when I have opened the bottle I had this fresh beer wort in my nose. The first gulp was voluminous and the carbonic acid pleasant vivid.

But especially the finish has that certain something. The full beer wort unfolds itself there. It's smooth and very malty. A beer can't taste better. For me there is no doubt that Zipfer Urtyp is one of the very best beers in Austria. For me pesonally probably the best of the best among Austrias leading labels on the market.

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